Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: SWITCHBLADE GODDESS by Lucy A. Snyder

Jessie Shimmer #3 Sci-Fi
Del Rey

Picking right up where SHOTGUN SORCERESS ended, Jessie and Pal are off to save Cooper from the goddess Miko, who is still pissed that Jessie refused to join her. Jessie has her work cut out for her, as she and Pal are still healing from exhaustion and their injuries. Can they save Cooper ...and the world or will Miko triumph?


Wow, what an awesome ride Lucy A. Snyder took me on with, SWITCHBLADE GODDESS, a twisted erotic tale that took Jessie to some very dark places, as we learned more about what made Miko tick, and watched Miko drag Jessie into some of those very spots. Jessie's only concern was to save Cooper, but in the process she had to face some very messed up crap.

If you read SHOTGUN SORCERESS (I hope you have, or a lot of this wouldn't make much sense) you will remember that Miko started screwing with Jessie, Cooper and the Warlock's minds, twisting their relationships into something dark and difficult to come to grips with. Well Miko did NOT let up at all. She continued to take Jessie on a distortedly erotic journey, throwing in plenty of horror, action, and finally some tender relief to bring the story to a satisfactory end.

I loved this latest installment to the Jessie Shimmer series and am absolutely thrilled to hear that there could be more to come!!!!

Rating: 4.5